10 November 2011


anyone in the market to get their christmas pictures taken?

i'm crazy in the christmas mood lately.
and i took some for my cousin and his wife last nite.
so if anyone's interested, let me know.
i work cheap.
( feed me and i'm yours )

13 October 2011


on wednesdays and thursdays ( or just one of the two ) each week,
i'm "miss lindsey" mentoring precious ones at the Kansas City Urban Youth Center.
yesterday, my lil mentee spelled words to me while i painted her nails.
she said, "today is my day!" so cute.

theeen she wanted to paint mine.

here's how it turned out.

makeup and hair next?

28 September 2011


dear girl with the oneill backpack,
i'm sorry.
that was weird.
i realize that i was at a super creepy distance behind you.
and i followed you at that weird distance for over a mile.

but honestly...
i was parked there.
that far away. right conveniently behind your car.
and we left at the same time.
and we walk apparently at the same pace. i would've passed otherwise.

sorry again,
the unintentional creepy girl.